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Rob's Warehouse Shoot @ ShaneSixty

Posted on Wednesday, November 1, 2006 @ 12:12 AM | Filed under ShaneSixty

It is always amazing to see the amount of websites out there. After some browsing, I ran into ShaneSixty. It's a site of college guys showing off. Always nice to look at. Check out Jason and tell me what you think.

Comments from ShaneSixty:

Newcomer Rob D. worked out hard for a couple of weeks before we had him show up for his photoshoot. All his hard work paid off! Check out his hot bod as he strips off in a warehouse!

Matt Rock Climbs In The Nude @ ShaneSixty

More hot college guys from ShaneSixty.

Comments from ShaneSixty:

Matt's got a hot ass! And, he's a rugged, outdoors type of guy--what a lethal combo! Check out this hot photoset. Matt rock climbs, giving us glimpes of his hot ass and crotch. He gets fully nude in the Lounge!


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